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Behind the Scenes @ Elmastudio

As you may have notices already, it’s really important to us to create kind of personal live demos for our WordPress themes. And we always have such a fun time getting creative and think of some new photo ideas and stories for our live demo blog posts. I would love to have my own personal blog as well and write about food, travels and personal things. Hopefully I can make this dream come true in the next couple of month, but I want to make sure that I will have the time to maintain the blog and write new content often. So for now we enjoy to “get wild” in our live demos and write, take pictures and do some art or graphic work to present our new themes to you :)

Welcome to the Zuki Magazine Theme

Zuki is a modern, flexible WordPress Magazine theme by Elmastudio. You can feature your posts on the custom front page in multiple widget areas and with a wide range of Recent Post widgets that can be filtered by categories. Next to the custom front page Zuki also comes with a beautiful default blog layout with a right-aligned sidebar. Zuki is a truly flexible, easy-to-use theme that is fun to use for professional and hobby bloggers alike. Ridiculus, etiam turpis, in parturient, lectus sed turpis lectus auctor sit. Vel est placerat eros purus nec! Et pid cras a. Urna pulvinar tristique, elit et sed lundium sagittis egestas ac sed, nunc mauris tortor elementum aenean magnis pulvinar porttitor.

Cats Know It All

I really don’t understand why humans always have to be sooo busy running around doing something, talking to someone or planing to leave the house in a hurry. I think we have all the time in the world and we should sleep more, okay, you can get up at night and stroll around the house and the garden a bit. But then in the morning I try to be really quiet so that it seems I also slept all night, like my humans. Of course I’m not, because it is important to control the house and the garden, so that the weird, noisy little cat from next door doesn’t dare to come to close to my house. Then in the morning I really really have to take a long nap and I’m always a little bit disappointed that my humans don’t stay in bed with me. They seem to be in a hurry, so I will watch them eat breakfast, maybe I will get a little snack, if I look at them really cute ;). …