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Hiking up the Mountains for a Personal Challenge

Aenean id sagittis nisl. Pellentesque a libero posuere, porta dolor vel, pharetra mauris. Proin ullamcorper non libero ullamcorper accumsan. Curabitur faucibus et nisi…

Architecture Cities Trends

Architectual Highlights: Explore modern houses in your city

It’s amazing how you can overlook buildings in your own neighborhood, just because you walk there everyday and sometimes miss to look around…


Architecture walks a getting more popular – Find one in your city

Exploring your city and looking for architecture you maybe never looked at before it so much fun. Therefore it’s a great opportunity to…


"I think everyone should be able to create their own unique little universe on the web – to express their own opinions and share their knowledge. That's why I love blogging and WordPress so much." — Ellen Bauer

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