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This quiche is just amazing and evertime we visit the nearby Parnell farmers market or the Titirangi village market we can’t help ourself. You just HAVE to take one of those delicious vegan quiche pieces home with you. The stand who sells all the vegan bakery goodies is called “The Vegan Deli” and you can find them at various farmers markets in the Auckland region. They also make their own vegan cheeses, we haven’t tried one of them yet, but the quiche is made with their own nut cheese as well. Read More

A Creative Work Lunch

Since we work from our home office at the moment, we love to get out for a work/lunch date at least once or twice a week, sometimes more often. Therefore we are so happy that we can find so many amazing lunch and café places here in Auckland that offer yummie vegan food. We try not to eat as much bakery or cooked food any more, but here in Auckland we can even find cool places offering raw vegan food.

It’s like vegan lunch heaven for us, since we didn’t have as many options to eat out back in Germany, except we visited Berlin (which also seemed to be some kind of vegan paradise) last year. When we stopped by at my old neighborhood in Frankfurt Bergerstrasse this summer (before we headed to the WordCamp Cologne), we also found some new vegan places that opened up. So I think more and more places offer vegan food, which I looove :) Read More