Month: February 2022

Mount Fuji On A Train Ride to Tokyo

It was our second time in japan, but somehow at our first visit we totally missed to see the famous Mount Fuji while taking the train out of Tokyo. This time, on our second visit during Christmas and New Year 2015 we were a lot luckier and saw the stunning mount multiple times.

If you see it for the first time, you are a bit baffled and can’t believe it. It is so beautiful and just suddenly you can see the mountain very clearly from the train window. In winter I think the mountain is even more beautiful with the top covered in snow like it is always portrait on pictures and illustrations everywhere in Japan. Read More

Getting Out For A Weekend Walk

Karekare is one of our favourite new weekend destinations here in Auckland. It’s one of the rough west coast beaches with wild nature, not many people around and black, soft volcano sand.

WE LOVE TO COME HERE ON THE WEEKENDS, since it is only a short drive away from the city. And it’s such a different world. Once you reach the Waitakere ranges suddenly the city setting disappears and nature steps in. It gets greener and greener and you are in the middle of a beautiful national park. You can take hikes or drive all the way down a narrow winding road to the Karekare beach (most people drive on to the more famous Piha beach, but we love Karekare even more now).