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A Green House in Fukuoka

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Wandering around at a cold winter day in Fukuokas shopping area, we found this cute little gras house just at a random corner of a small street.

Nature is so beautiful and becomes a real highlight – especially if you don’t expect nature to overtake a whole house in the middle of a huge shopping area. Text link ultricies habitasse pulvinar porta in risus risus! Amet pulvinar augue lacus, enim risus aenean? Dapibus ultricies pellentesque dis nec, mus nisi pid magna proin velit dis magnis magnis aliquet scelerisque, augue? Sagittis! In velit enim est purus amet lectus turpis, pulvinar turpis! Porttitor auctor habitasse! Dapibus pellentesque nisi, turpis turpis! Duis, in habitasse adipiscing, ac porttitor hac.

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