Nori – a Premium mobile-first, responsive WordPress theme

mobile-first, responsive WordPress theme Nori

Nori is our newest responsive, mobile-first WordPress theme. Mobile-first means Nori has a flexible layout and is especially designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The mobile-first approach means that we changed the whole development process and worked from the smallest mobile version of the theme step by step to the theme layout for big desktop screens. This way Nori is designed and developed to be especially flexible and lightweight, readable and easy to use on all kinds of devices and has a beautiful minimalistic design.

About Nori and the mobile-first developement

Since we already worked on flexible theme layouts with our other WordPress themes before it seemed like a natural step to create a mobile-first, responsive theme. After reading the blog of Luke W his brilliant little A Book Apart book “Mobile First” in October/November 2011 we really got into the development process of the Nori theme.

Right from the start we decided to go for a really minimalistic design style. First of all because we wanted to concentrate only on stuff that really matters for the theme and its functionality. And secondly because the philosophy of mobile-first for us really fits to a more minimalitic design approach. Our main focus was to create a clear layout structure, optimize the readability on different devices, create a lot of flexibility and details for post and page styling and develop the theme to be lightweight and easy to customize in a few steps.

One of the most difficult parts of the themes development was to find a simple solution for the themes main menu navigation in different devices. The very common drop down menus solution is not a good option for touchscreens since there is no hover on touch. To create a navigation that would work on mobile and desktop screens alike we decided to show all navigation elements by default.

To meet our expectations for a “Content first, navigation second” solution as well the main theme navigation can be reached via a menu button on mobile devices and it then switches to become a right sidebar element on bigger tablets (like the iPad in landscape mode) and desktop screens.

Nori theme options

To make the themes code as clean and lightweight as possible we focused on the most important theme options only. The theme options page is not branded (like in all our WordPress themes) so it is also easy to use Nori for client projects and further customization and development. But also for WordPress newbies the easy to use theme options are a great way to start a blog in just a couple of minutes and use colors and background options and a custom logo to make the theme more individual.

In the following little video descrition I explain the most important theme options and customizations like using the theme with a dark background and creating a custom logo:

[iframe src=”″ width=”800″ height=”450″]

WordPress post formats

To make blogging more flexible, easy and fun Nori also supports the following WordPress post formats:
Standard, Aside, Link, Quote, Image, Gallery and Video

With the image post format its possible to show pictures in large size (on desktop screens).

Nori image post format

Fullsize image included with the image post format.


With shortcodes you can easily include buttons, colored info boxes and multicolumn content into your posts and pages. On the Nori live demo shortcode page you can see all shortcode options and copy / paste the code directly.

Detailed theme documentation

Of course these features are only some of the great options of the Nori WordPress theme. To find out more about Nori please visit the Nori theme page. Here you can find more video tutorials and a detailed PDF theme documentation (in English and German). You also have the possibility to ask your questions regarding the theme in the comments area.

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