Nori – a Premium mobile-first, responsive WordPress theme

mobile-first, responsive WordPress theme Nori

Nori is our newest responsive, mobile-first WordPress theme. Mobile-first means Nori has a flexible layout and is especially designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The mobile-first approach means that we changed the whole development process and worked from the smallest mobile version of the theme step by step to the theme layout for big desktop screens. This way Nori is designed and developed to be especially flexible and lightweight, readable and easy to use on all kinds of devices and has a beautiful minimalistic design. Continue Reading

Welcome to mobile where the only thing you can count on is change. […] So what’s a web designer to do — get swept up in a sea of constant instability? Quite the opposite. Because things continue to be so Wild West out there, you need to be a cowboy. Take risks, try new things, and accept that not all the boundary lines between devices, browsers, and the web have been drawn yet.
Luke Wroblewski

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