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Visiting the Kate Coffee

The Kate Coffeeshop in Shimokitazawa suburb, Tokyo is sooo worth the travel. It’s a lovely place with an arty and relaxing feel to it and you can stay for hours reading books, chatting with friends or just writing in your notebook. We traveled to the Shimokitazawa suburb by train. As soon as we got off the station we loved the busy feeling of the area with lots of small stores and restaurants to explore.

Lots of yummy choices to order

Soyccino No worries, the café has an English menu and the owner speaks some English, too, so you won’t be lost, if you are not familiar with the Japanese language. A wonderful choice to order is the Soyccino, if you prefer soy milk instead of regular milk. There are also Vegetarian sandwich options and lots of other yummy treats. The tea was also very lovely and served with great care. While staying in Japan we always loved how much care the people take in preparing and serving food. It always looks and tastes :) as if a lot of love and care went into the preparation. The vegetarian sandwich we had included lettace, tomato and avocado (my favorite) and was very fresh and delicious. Next to the light and modern interior of the place, all the books and magazines surrounding you gives the place a very special and relaxing atmosphere and we could have stayed forever :) The people are sooo friendly and really make you feel at home.

Yummy Vegetarian Sandwich with Tea

Enjoying a veggie sandwich at the lovely Kate Coffee.

Enjoying a veggie sandwich at the lovely Kate Coffee.

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