Welcome to the Namba WordPress Theme

In the Namba theme it’s very easy to include an intro text to your featured articles, just by giving the p tag a class of “intro”.

DROPCAPS can be easy applied by wrapping the first letter of a paragraph in a span tag with the CSS class of “dropcap”. Namba is a beautiful minimal, responsive theme with a refreshing and easy-going feel to it. The color and filter option for the WordPress post formats (Quote, Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Status and Link) are a special theme highlight and you can customize your blog with your own colors in a fun and easy way. With its fresh layout, the big featured post option and the possibility to show additional posts filtered by categories, Namba makes a great theme to highlight and feature your content and give your blog visitors a beautiful reading experience. With it’s options Namba is a great theme for a magazine-style blog with multiple authors, a personal or travel blog or a photography blog.[Read more]