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To include Team Member widgets, you can create a custom “Team” widget area with the Widget for Pages or Widgetize Pages Light WordPress plugins. Now you can include the widget area shortcode into your page and set up you Team Member for Pages widgets in Appearance / Widgets.

  • Ellen Bauer

    Ellen Bauer

    Web Developer

    Ellen is blogger and WordPress theme developer at Elmastudio. She loves WordPress, writing, traveling, cooking and drinking Matcha tea. @ellenbauer

    I love to travel, because I think it helps me to become a better person and appreciate life more.

  • Manuel Esposito

    Manuel Esposito

    Web Designer

    Manuel is Web Designer at Elmastudio. He loves art, design and photography, WordPress, traveling, drawing and Italian Espresso. @manuelesposito

    I want to embrace the beauty of every single day and help to make a difference.

  • Luna the Cat

    Luna the Cat

    Studio Assistent

    Luna works part time at Elmastudio as a studio assistent. Her main jobs are eating, sleeping and to just hang out.

    Well, what should I say, I just have my own world view and I believe it's a great one. I'm pretty chilled!