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In the Namba theme it’s very easy to include an intro text to your featured articles, just by giving the p tag a class of “intro”.

DROPCAPS can be easy applied by wrapping the first letter of a paragraph in a span tag with the CSS class of “dropcap”. Namba is a beautiful minimal, responsive theme with a refreshing and easy-going feel to it. The color and filter option for the WordPress post formats (Quote, Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Status and Link) are a special theme highlight and you can customize your blog with your own colors in a fun and easy way. With its fresh layout, the big featured post option and the possibility to show additional posts filtered by categories, Namba makes a great theme to highlight and feature your content and give your blog visitors a beautiful reading experience. With it’s options Namba is a great theme for a magazine-style blog with multiple authors, a personal or travel blog or a photography blog.[Read more]

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Visiting the Kate Coffee

The Kate Coffeeshop in Shimokitazawa suburb, Tokyo is sooo worth the travel. It’s a lovely place with an arty and relaxing feel to it and you can stay for hours reading books, chatting with friends or just writing in your notebook. We traveled to the Shimokitazawa suburb by train. As soon as we got off the station we loved the busy feeling of the area with lots of small stores and restaurants to explore. [Read more]

“The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now. […] You might not end up with perfect, but it’s significantly more valuable than being stuck. Don’t just start. Continue. Ship. Repeat…” by Seth Godin

Japanese Food Photography
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Japanese Food Inspirations

Applicake chocolate caramels. Gummies sweet oat cake powder biscuit fruitcake. Bear claw soufflé brownie apple pie fruitcake powder dragée. Tiramisu dragée marshmallow toffee tootsie roll candy canes dragée jelly beans. Wafer cotton candy ice cream tart muffin. Lemon drops dessert cake fruitcake dessert cupcake. [Read more]