Hi, I’m Ellen, an artist and designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. I love to try out new things and be amazed by the outcome. I love to be awake in the middle of the night and realize how amazing life is. I love papayas, avocados and coconuts.

Dream your life and live your dream.

Dream your life and live your dream.

Ellen Bauer


Never stop creating – never stop to be amazed – never stop dreaming.

Since Ellen finished her university studies in Visual Communications at the University of Offenbach in Germany, she works together with her husband and best friend Manuel Esposito. They both founded Elmastudio together, starting out to work on freelancing projects for clients in the fields of graphic design, illustration and web design. In 2009 they started a blog on the Elmastudio website – writing about their experiences as freelancers, sharing tips about web design and the WordPress blogging software. From 2010 they also started to create WordPress themes, which they sell on the Elmastudio website.

In her free time Ellen loves to travel, to explore nature and cities, to cook and bake and read as much as possible. Ellen is passionate about vegan food, she loves to

bake muffins (orange, cranberry and pecan muffins are her new favorites) and tries to stick to tea instead of coffee, which she still loves.

Since Ellen is working on the computer all day, she tries to get outdoors as much as possible in her free time as well. She loves the ocean and would love to live close to a beach some day. She also loves to explore new cities, too, just strolling around or sitting in cafés all day watching people passing by, reading or drawing and writing stuff in a notebook.

“I believes that you should put all your passion and love in everything you do, even it it’s hard at times, but eventually you will feel better and everything will be alright.

Just never stop doing what you love and never let other people tell you that it’s not worth it. Because it is!”


High School, Germany
High School, USA
P.Art Art School, Germany
HfG Offenbach
(Diplom Visual Communications)
University of Frankfurt
(Sinology, SEA Studies)


Web Design
Graphic Design
CI Design
Logo Design
Web Development
Copy Writing
lots of laughing
bake muffins


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