Pohutukawa WordPress Theme

Pohutukawa is a fun, modern WordPress blog theme best suited for personal blogs. The theme options like the big header image feature or the layout options make it easy to customize the theme and give it an individual style.

Pohutukawa responsive WordPress theme by Elmastudio

Pohutukawa is responsive and mobile-first, so your website is optimized to be viewed on all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The responsive theme layout will adapt to different screen sizes automatically. The mobile-first design approach also garanties that all buttons and menu navigations are suited for small screens and your content can be easily explored by your readers. Continue Reading

Header Images

Pohutukawa Header Images

Pohutukawa has a beautiful big header image feature. The theme comes with 4 header images to choose from (see Appearance / Header). Of course you can also upload your own header images in the size of 1400×440 pixels (jpg, try to keep the file size small). You can choose to rotate different images on page loads or include one image as a single header image. If your image has a dark color you can choose the white header font color on the theme options page.

Text Elements

Have a look at all the font styles like headlines, blockquotes, list elements or tables. You can also use the extra CSS class “intro” to include an intro text in a bigger font size to your posts.

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This is the gallery post format. Just upload some images into a post using the Upload Media button and create an image gallery with the [gallery] shortcode. Now you can choose the »gallery« post format in the Format field. In your admin panel Settings/Media you should choose a thumbnail size of around 250px x 250px and and enable the cropping option.

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