Nilmini Premium WordPress Theme

Nilmini theme options

Nilmini theme with a custom logo, a header and background image.

Nilmini is a modern, minimalistic WordPress blog theme with lots of options for customization. The themes responsive web design is optimized for mobile devices, so your readers can visit your blog from their tablet pc or smartphone without an additional mobile WordPress plugin installed.

Nilmini on mobile devices

The Nilmini theme uses CSS3 media queries to make the layout responsive to different screen sizes. So compared to using a mobile WordPress plugin with Nilmini you can show your individual blog layout also on mobile devices which will be a way enjoyable experience for your readers.

Nilmini footer widgets ipad

The Nilmini footer widgets on a tablet pc in landscape mode.

On very small screens like on smartphones the theme layout will resize automatically. The header will be in a reduced version (without showing the header image or intro slogan) so your readers don’t have to scroll down the page to view your content.

Nilmini an a smartphone

The theme layout adapts automatically to small screen sizes like on smartphones.

Author: Ellen Bauer

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