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Welcome to the Moka WordPress Theme

Moka is a minimal, responsive and fresh Premium WordPress theme by Elmastudio. You can use the Moka theme as a pure blog theme or you can set up your own custom front page to feature your recent blog posts, a sticky post, recent post by categories and include a beautiful about and quote widget on your website. Moka has also a three-column footer widget area, a sticky menu option and beautiful, minimal color style options. If you use featured images for your posts, the Moka theme really comes alive and you can include big thumbnails (1070px maximum width) for your single posts and the featured sticky post on the custom front page. Moka is a great theme for magazines, personal blogs and creative business websites. You can use Moka also as your portfolio by setting up your custom front page with the about widget and your recent work in posts. You can include image galleries and big images in your posts as well. The Jetpack WordPress Plugins “Tiled Gallery” and “Gallery Carousel” features image galleries even more beautiful. Find out more about Moka by looking around here in the live demo a big further. For a more detailed text documentation and a little video tutorial you can also visit the Moka theme page directly on the Elmastudio website. Read More

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Exlibris Elephant Stamp

I got this Exlibris book stamp for my birthday and I since I love elephants, books and stamps it was a really great present for me. I remember that my dad bought me one of those stamps when I was a kid and I stamped it in all my books back then. But I totally forgot about it, until I got this beautiful stamp as a present. Read More

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Time for Ice Coffee

I always try to drink tea because I know it’s more healthy, but sometimes I just can’t resist to enjoy a coffee or ice coffee. I love soy latte or even a pure black ice coffee without milk but with a waarm toast and jam instead. Sometimes the simple little things in life are the best. For instance just sitting in a café not thinking of much and drinking a cup of tea and coffee.

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