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Welcome to the Moka WordPress Theme

Moka is a minimal, responsive and fresh Premium WordPress theme by Elmastudio. You can use the Moka theme as a pure blog theme or you can set up your own custom front page to feature your recent blog posts, a sticky post, recent post by categories and include a beautiful about and quote widget on your website. Moka has also a three-column footer widget area, a sticky menu option and beautiful, minimal color style options. If you use featured images for your posts, the Moka theme really comes alive and you can include big thumbnails (1070px maximum width) for your single posts and the featured sticky post on the custom front page. Moka is a great theme for magazines, personal blogs and creative business websites. You can use Moka also as your portfolio by setting up your custom front page with the about widget and your recent work in posts. You can include image galleries and big images in your posts as well. The Jetpack WordPress Plugins “Tiled Gallery” and “Gallery Carousel” features image galleries even more beautiful. Find out more about Moka by looking around here in the live demo a big further. For a more detailed text documentation and a little video tutorial you can also visit the Moka theme page directly on the Elmastudio website. Read More

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Getting Ready for a Creative Day

What should I pack for a creative day outside, maybe writing and sketching some ideas and getting away from the computer for a while. Well, I would take my camera, a book by Seth Godin, my little notebook and a pencil. And to stay comfortable while maybe sitting in a park, I would also need my KeepCup for a Coffee to Go and my favorite jeans and sneakers.

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Visiting the Bamboo Forest

While traveling in Japan we also visited the beautiful Bamboo forest in Arashiyama close to Kyoto. You can take a local train to reach the little village and then stroll around, buy some cute souvenirs and of course wander around the beautiful, green bamboo forest. There are even little temples inside the forest. You can also take an old train for about 20 minutes to the next city. The train tracks go inside the forest and you can see a beautiful river and the mountains.

I wish we had a little bit more time, but it’s also a great trip only for a day to visit while staying in Kyoto. After we returned by a local subway train to the center of the village we were walking around the village a bit more. It’s really popular, especially in autumn and there are many many tourist. But it is still beautiful and you can find nice, little restaurants and food stands to get lunch before finally returning to Kyoto by train in the evening. Read More

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Business Card Design

I love business cards and and I always collect cards from cafés, galleries or shops. I really like the simplicity and elegance of the Japanese business cards and the Elmers Green Café in Osaka not only has a beautiful CI, but also yummy sweets, breakfast and of course coffee and tea. Since the cafe´is in a business district it gets really crowded during lunch time and you can order a lunch set that is very delicious and healthy. Read More

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Beautiful Handmade Print Artwork for Typography Lovers

I really love our new poster print, we recently orders on Esty. It’s a handmade big print artwork for typography and space lovers. Fruitcake caramels jelly-o carrot cake fruitcake chocolate bar. Fruitcake dessert dessert apple pie. Caramels cupcake macaroon marshmallow gingerbread. Ice cream muffin jelly danish chocolate cake soufflé. Dessert cake sesame snaps tiramisu chocolate bar bonbon toffee. Candy canes icing lollipop. Pie liquorice sugar plum chocolate marshmallow candy. Chocolate toffee chocolate chocolate cake sweet jelly-o pie soufflé. Chocolate cake muffin danish fruitcake. Liquorice macaroon gummies carrot cake cookie. Pudding donut. Halvah candy liquorice chocolate cake. Biscuit candy canes chocolate cake sweet applicake danish chocolate cake biscuit. Pie danish gummi bears sweet roll. Read More

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Wish I Could Be A Cat

Cats are just the cutest thing, they are sooo relaxed and can sleep all day long. Sometimes I wish I could be a cat and just take the day easy, stroll around a bit, take a nap, eat, cuddle a bit, play outside and then sleep again. My life would be so easy and everybody would love me, because I have such fluffy and soft hair and I look so cute.

Attack feet burrow under covers yet behind the couch swat at dog cat snacks. Stand in front of the computer screen behind the couch yet chase mice chew iPad power cord flop over for swat at dog for intently stare at the same spot. Need to chase tail climb leg. Inspect anything brought into the house inspect anything brought into the house flop over nap all day, for find something else more interesting sleep on keyboard. Sweet beast hopped up on goofballs yet claw drapes leave hair everywhere. Read More

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A Dreamy Day in Socks

Sometimes I just love to stay home on the weekends and have a quiet relaxed day. I love to drink some tea or coffee and sit in the sunshine reading a book. Then I don’t care about all the hustle bustle outside in the streets and I just enjoy a relaxing time.

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