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Bento Lunch Set in Kichijochi

Sushi rice, mushrooms & veggies in a cute bento set.

Sushi rice, mushrooms & veggies in a cute bento set.

During our stay in Tokyo we were so happy to have our little tour guide “Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide” with us, suggesting us lots of cool places to go, areas to visit and cafés and restaurants to explore. Since we had only 5 days in Tokyo and not much time preparing our stay we loved the little handbook and were able to find real local gems in different areas in Tokyo. Since the Kichijochi area was recommended as a trendy, popular neighborhood and it had also the famous Studio Ghibli museum and a beautiful park close by, we took the JR trip a little bit outside of the city center getting of at the Kichijochi station.

A hungry Ellen waiting for her lunch :)

A hungry Ellen waiting for her lunch :)

After strolling around at the cute little park (you even could go on a swan boat ride), visiting a little temple and finding out that you need to make a reservation in your home country to visit the Studio Ghibli museum, so we already got one reason to return to Tokyo ;), we were looking to a café or little restaurant for lunch. After wandering around a bit in the area, we finally found this adorable little place named “Shimanekoken”. The two girls running the place were so sweet and even with no English menu available we managed to order a veggie Bento lunch set, sooo yummy. The sets come in two different sizes to choose from and I think all the food is organic and home made. It’s also a quite popular place for locals in the neighborhood to order take away lunch sets, but there is a small area with a table to eat right at the store, too. The shop had a lot of cute cat accessoires and decorations and next to a healthy and delicious lunch set we also had a lot of fun looking around and exploring all the little things in the store.

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