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Japanese Food Inspirations

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While traveling in Japan I just love to explore all the amazing book stores they have here. So loving everthing about food, of course I also checked out all sorts of cook books and cook magazines, and there are a lot of them! Japanese people seem to love food and to love taking pictures of food as well. And everything is sooo beautifully arranged, it seems to me they are taking food photography to a whole new level here.

So I got tons of inspirations and I wanted to try out some food photography of my own. It’s not perfect, but I tried to arrange my dinner set in a nice and light way, like I saw it in the magazines. Well, I still have to get better and I also had my iPhone camera with me, but I will definitely want to dig into Japanese style food photography a whole lot deeper, so watch out if you are hungry…

Just a little Headeline here

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by A Cute and Fluffy Cat

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