Kerikeri – a Premium mobile-first, responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Premium mobile-first, responsive WordPress Theme Kerikeri

Kerikeri is a modern, little WordPress blog theme with post formats feature. The theme is especially designed for publishing content directly on your mobile device via the WordPress app. The theme layout also automatically adapts to different screen sizes and looks as great on touch devices like smartphones and tablets as on desktop computers and laptops. You can buy the Kerikeri theme directly for only 12 Euro via Paypal:
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Mobile publishing

With Kerikeri you can easliy publish pictures, videos or text directly from your mobile device without having to worry about the look of your post. The themes content width perfectly fits your latest instagram pictures, you can embed tweets or just post a quote or a short status message to your readers. So blogging with the Kerikeri theme is easy and just a lot of fun.

Post Formats

With the support of the WordPress post formats image, gallery, video, chat, status, link, quote, audio and aside you can style your posts more individual and make your blog a lot more exciting to read. Kerikeri uses popular, tumblr-like post format icons to label each format.

Theme design

Since the Kerikeri theme is all about mobile, responsive and easy blogging the design features the blog content first and only gives a simple, reduced navigation menu option (no sub menus are possible) at the bottom. To still be able to tell your readers more about you and give the possibility to explore your blogs topics Kerikeri uses a featured about and tags/categories widget. Through the top navigation bar your readers can reach these further information quickly and hassle free.

Style options

Next to the light or dark theme versions you can of course also customize the Kerikeri theme further using the theme options. With the Kerikeri theme we want to make blogging more easy for you and therefore more fun. So we focused on simple, easy to use theme options like customizable colors, background options, a custom logo option, a custom menu option,a favicon and Apple touch icon option and and build in option to include share buttons to posts and pages. with this options you can customize your theme in just a few minutes and make it your own individual style.

Find out more about customization options in Kerikeri Video tutorial

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Your questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions for the KErikeri theme please let us know and write us via the Elmastudio contact form or email us directly to

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